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Assertive Representation Through A Range Of Disputes

The Law Office of Mark A. Kriegel, LLC, is dedicated to providing individuals, businesses and families in central Jersey with assertive representation through a range of legal disputes. Attorney Mark Kriegel works directly with his clients to ensure that their goals inform his legal strategies, and he provides them with the guidance and insight they need to understand their options when pursuing litigation.

While Mark strives to achieve cost-effective solutions for his clients through negotiation or arbitration, he approaches these situations from a position of strength – vigorously advancing their rights, and unafraid to litigate to protect their interests. His deep, personal knowledge of his clients’ situations enables him to provide tenacious and adaptable representation that reflects the facts of the situation and his clients’ objectives.

Guidance And Support Through Litigation To Resolution

The litigation services provided by the Law Office of Mark A. Kriegel, LLC, include but are not limited to:

  • Collections, including claims made by small businesses against debtors or creditors
  • Consumer fraud, including claims made by consumers and businesses
  • Contract disputes, including breach-of-contract claims made by and against homeowners, tradespeople and home improvement specialists, small business owners, and business vendors and suppliers
  • Estate litigation, including disputes regarding wills and trusts, insurance policy benefits or other assets transferring outside of a will, and intestacy litigation
  • Insurance coverage defense litigation
  • Small business litigation, including shareholder disputes, transaction disputes, and conflicts with employees, suppliers or vendors

Throughout all matters, Mark handles his clients’ cases personally – building a thorough knowledge of all elements of their claims. From this foundation, he is able to create a clear roadmap that guides and supports his clients through the litigation process and enables them to pursue the resolutions that best meet their needs.

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